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Jay Gilligan

Jay Gilligan has performed in 29 different countries, touring solo work and collaborating with companies such as The Gandini Juggling Project, Cie Jérôme Thomas, Les 7 doigts de la main, Cirkus Cirkör, and Cirque du Soleil. He is the head teacher of juggling at the Dans och Cirkushögskolan in Stockholm, Sweden, and has recently published a book about contemporary juggling titled „5 Catches.“

Workshops Zirkonvention

Manipulation Research Laboratory Results
MRL explored juggling in 3 sessions. The first was about the rules of manipulation, the second was about composition, and the third looked at materials used in juggling. Highlights gathered from this collected information will be presented, both as concrete results and also as proposed next steps.

The 9 Parts of Juggling
Juggling will be examined through a system of objects, body, and rhythm. These three areas are further broken down into three more sections each for more detail. The abstract theory will be applied to practical, real-world experience.

Juggling Systems
A toolbox for creating, examining, and evaluating juggling will be constructed. Students will be given many different systems to use with their juggling in different contexts.

Object Episodes
What is the future of juggling? How did we arrive here and where are we going next? How does technique develop and where can it spread? If you’re looking for the next new thing in juggling, this is it.