Luke Burrage

Luke Burrage is a world record breaking juggler, renowned for his exciting performances that combine comedy and multimedia with high level technical juggling. He has juggled in over 100 countries and has performed on all 7 continents, including Antarctica. He won the International Jugglers‘ Association 2004 People’s Choice Award, and is currently the highest ranked combat juggler in the world.

Workshops Zirkonvention

The Performance of Juggling and Practical Choreography
The first half of this workshop is a discussion comparing two similar juggling acts, concentrating on the the reasons each juggler does what they do on stage. The second half goes deeper into specific concepts of choreography and how they can be applied to juggling and circus acts of any kind. No juggling skill or performance experience needed.

How to organize and run a juggling/variete show
Over the last 15 years Luke has organized and hosted countless gala shows, open stages, renegade shows, juggling games and other shows, big and small. Come learn from all his mistakes, so you don’t have to repeat them when you are asked to organize a show of any kind. Also included will be a section on hosting a show, and how to not suck at that. No juggling skill or performance experience needed.

How to juggle wrong: Breaking the rules of juggling
New tricks don’t only require adding balls, complexity, or more skill. Instead new tricks can spring up from questioning the underlying assumptions about what makes juggling juggling. Includes accessible tricks with 1 and 2 balls (perfect for teaching new jugglers before setting them even the 3 ball cascade to learn), squeeze catches and multiplexes with 2 and 3 balls, dropping, crazy Mills Mess variations, painful 3 balls juggling, and much more. Good for any level of juggler.

Luke Burrage Club Classroom
Club juggling tricks and techniques. Part 1 concentrates on 2 and 3 clubs. Part 2 is about passing with 3 to 5 clubs. Part 3 is a „masterclass“ where participants can get personalized feedback and training on any club juggling skill they like. Requires basic 3 club juggling skill.


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